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The LSAM had its origin in 1992 when a small group of locals decided that the Miami area was in need of a family oriented acoustic folk music festival. Recalling that Greynolds park in North Miami Beach in the 1960's was a haven for folk music groupies the locals decided that that would be their venue. The date for the event would be a tradition… Friday, the day after thanksgiving, in honor of Alice's restaurant. That group of locals was led by Bruce Grayson as director of the festival along with Michelle Sas , Shari Holbert Lipner, Carol Grayson and  Robert "Romo" Miller. This founding group remains today as the executive committee of LSAM. The planning committee has expanded over the years to include Becky Lipner, Neal Lipner, Robert Stolpe, Diane Dolley, Frank "Ratt" Falestra, Daphna Rose, David Chaskes, Sean Edelson and many more generous and dedicated characters.

In its second year, 1992, LSAM began generating proceeds through raffles and donating them to Habitat for Humanity. Prizes are supplied by local restaurants and many other local merchants and 100% of the proceeds go to habitat. In our 21 year relationship with habitat we have helped over 700 families obtain affordable housing .

The festival has developed into everything the founders hoped for: great music performed by respected artists, a family gathering, in a beautiful environment, it has become a traditional event to a substantial audience, and draws a few thousand of the kindest and mellowest people you want to meet and spend a day with.

We hope you will attend the next LSAM held on the Friday after thanksgiving and make it a family tradition. Please come by and say hello to the founders.

11:00 AM to 5:30 PM
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